Dunne ducks out of D4 and heads west
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Author:  Mantissa [ Tue Apr 07, 2015 12:23 pm ]
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dipole wrote:
Mantissa wrote:
I personally am shocked. I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation. Perhaps his wife engaged him as a project manager in return for ironing some shirts?

Why would his wife engage him to do anything if he won't even acknowledge that she is still his wife when the question is put to him.

Because of his expertise as a developer. I'm sure it was an arms-length transaction.

Author:  Homeboy [ Fri May 15, 2015 11:57 am ]
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Supreme Court: Sean Dunne loses bid to set aside bankrupcy.

Author:  grumpy [ Sun May 17, 2015 5:01 am ]
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€7m price tag as palatial Dunnes home up for sale

A Celtic Tiger era mansion on Dublin's Shrewsbury Road which was previously at the centre of a court petition involving Sean and Gayle Dunne is about to be sold with a likely market value in the order of €7m, the Irish Independent has learned. ... 27231.html

No mention of the chess set.

Killilea seeks to remove ownership claim over properties

Gayle Killilea, wife of developer Seán Dunne, has asked a US judge not to refer a fraudulent asset transfer case taken against them to the bankruptcy court where he failed to secure a discharge from his debts.
Ms Killilea, the former newspaper gossip columnist, has also asked the court to remove claims of an ownership interest that Mr Dunne’s US bankruptcy trustee has made over two multimillion dollar houses in Greenwich, Connecticut, that the couple claims belong to her.
The houses – Stillman Lane, which the couple have said was their American home, and Milbank – are subject to Lis Pendens notices by the trustee Richard Coan who claims the properties were bought by money fraudulently transferred by Mr Dunne to his wife. ... -1.2213090

Gayle Killilea in new bid to save her €100m 'gift'
Wife of bankrupt developer Sean Dunne takes High Court case to save assets transferred to her name

Gayle Killilea, the wife of developer Sean Dunne, has opened up a new front in her battle to prevent the seizure of millions of euro in assets he transferred to her 10 years ago, the Sunday Independent has learned.
Lawyers for Ms Killilea will tomorrow ask the High Court in Dublin to strike out proceedings being brought by Official Assignee Chris Lehane in which he is seeking the reversal of multi-million euro asset transfers made by Mr Dunne as part of agreement drawn up with his wife in March 2005, following the birth of their first son, Bobby Luke. As part of that €100m deal, the former 'Baron of Ballsbridge' gave Ms Killilea numerous valuable assets including his interest in the exclusive Lagoon Beach Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa, the former Irish Glass Bottle sports club site in south Dublin and the contents of the couple's former Shrewsbury Road home. While the official assignee believes these and other transfers to have been fraudulent and executed by Mr Dunne in an effort to deprive his creditors of millions of euro owed to them, both the developer and his wife have strenuously denied that claim. ... 09777.html

Author:  ps200306 [ Thu Dec 03, 2015 7:23 am ]
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Killilea's stalling tactics coming unstuck: ... -1.2452104

The judge said that even though Killilea had asked for “an effective, efficient and economical resolution” of the Irish and US bankruptcy cases, she had “apparently abandoned her stated initiative as she now seeks to thwart the trustee’s efforts to achieve that objective”.

Author:  werpen [ Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dunne ducks out of D4 and heads west ... -1.2478851

Gayle Killilea loses South African court appeal
Wife of developer Sean Dunne loses fight to retain proceeds of sale of Cape Town hotel

The ruling means the Irish official bankruptcy assignee, Chris Lehane, can take the proceeds of the sale of the Lagoon Beach Hotel and distribute them to Mr Dunne’s creditors.
Mr Dunne has been declared bankrupt in the US and Ireland and the South African proceedings related to the transfer of the South African hotel into the ownership of his wife.
Mr Lehane claimed the move was part of a wider attempt to put €100 million in assets belonging to Mr Dunne beyond his reach, now the subject of legal actions in both the US and Ireland.
Mr Lehane took legal action in the Western Cape High Court in September 2014 to block the proposed sale of the hotel to a third party.
Mr Lehane won the High Court case and just before Christmas the Supreme Court of Appeal upheld the original judgment and ordered that Ms Killilea must pay Mr Lehane’s costs.

Author:  Fooled by randomness [ Tue Jan 05, 2016 2:11 pm ]
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She got hit for the costs too. Pity the Rand is low.

Author:  BoyRacer [ Fri Feb 12, 2016 6:57 am ]
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Dunne's wife appeals US court ruling - -> ... 46813.html

The wife of bust property developer Sean Dunne is trying to prevent efforts to sue her for up to €100m.
Gayle Killilea has lodged an appeal against a US court ruling which paved the way for bankruptcy officials to sue her for the return of assets transferred to her by her husband.
Ms Killilea filed the appeal with the US District Court in Connecticut, aiming to overturn a decision last year which has left her open to lawsuits in Ireland, the US and South Africa.

there is more

Author:  FreeFallin [ Tue Oct 18, 2016 8:35 am ]
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It is of paramount importance to Sean Dunne "to get free of the shackles of bankruptcy", lawyers for the developer have told the High Court. ... 38844.html
William Fawsitt, for Mr Dunne, said his client believed he was the "most co-operative bankrupt under scrutiny" and was very anxious for the hearing of an application to extend his Irish bankruptcy, which Mr Dunne opposes.

Author:  FreeFallin [ Fri Oct 28, 2016 9:38 am ]
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Anyone see the movie "The Big Short"? Remember the scene where they go to Florida to look at some of the properties associated with some of the sub prime mortgages they had selected at random. And the realisation hits them that the whole mortgage situation is a sham waiting to collapse.
Well, if they make a movie about the Irish side of the crash, this is the similar moment below

Dunne says he did not visit €58m Dublin house before buying
Developer tells bankruptcy official he viewed Shrewsbury Road house from outside ... -1.2846163
“We were living on Shrewsbury Road,” he said. “We didn’t physically inspect the property because we didn’t want anyone to know we were looking at it. We were able to walk around to Old Belvedere to [look] in at it. We were able to get aerial photographs. So we looked at the property up and down.”...
...In the course of the interview, Mr Lehane made it clear that, contrary to assertions by Mr Dunne, his US trustee was not at all happy with the level of co-operation he was getting from Mr Dunne, and that Mr Lehane also had concerns.
The process of questioning Mr Dunne in the US had been “the most elongated one that they had over there,” Mr Lehane said. “They were burying themselves into a wall.”...
...Mr Lehane said he was still not accepting that the document setting out the agreement with Ms Killilea had been drafted at the time Dunne said it had been, and found it “mind-boggling” that it had been drafted without the aid of lawyers. The agreement had led to transfers of about €62 million in the period to 2008....
...He claimed that the National Asset Management Agency had planted stories about him and his family in the newspapers.

Author:  elgreco [ Fri Dec 02, 2016 9:38 pm ]
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Attempts by the missus to avoid discovery of documents relating to the transfer of Sean's interest in assets in (SA and Ailsbury Rd. etc) to her to limit their availability to his creditors, gets short shrift from the beak. ... enDocument

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